Another Exciting Venture!

SO, on top of all of the wedding planning business that we have going on, Arsen and I decided to add one more thing to the list: We’re buying a house! It is super exciting, and just a little overwhelming. Dallas and the surrounding areas are a bit large, so finding the perfect area, not to mention the perfect house, is a bit of a challenge. We definitely have certain things we (think) we have to have, and we definitely want it to be in a safe area. And we both prefer to steer clear of wood paneled walls, linoleum floors, shiny gold fixtures, and all of the other things you seem to find in so many of these homes.Oh, and one more thing: my lease is up the end of June, so we have about two months to get everything taken care of. Easy, right?

More than anything, I am just incredibly excited. I’ve been living in a dorm/apartment/rent house for eight years now. I am beyond ready to have a place of my own. And my head is about to explode with all of the decorating ideas I have. It also helps that we are registering for the wedding right now, so hopefully we will get a few of the beautiful things I have picked out in September. I’ve already started buying little things here and there. The problem is I don’t have one spare inch in this apartment to keep anything! Two more months…..


I’m SO good at this blogging thing

Oh my good Lord I’m awful at keeping up with any kind of social media. Which is crazy, because that’s what I do all day at work…maybe that’s the problem? Who knows. Anyway…

Wedding planning is in full force these days. I’ve always been a wonderful procrastinator, and I must say I’m exceptionally good when it comes to this wedding. I’ve got the major things taken care of: venue, dress, cake, etc. But now I’m getting into all the little details that are just torture. Picking out music for a million different parts of the ceremony and reception, choosing flowers, invitations, decorations, ugh…none of it is as fun as I thought it would be. Arsen keeps reminding me that I have to remember what it’s all about: me and him starting a our lives together and being happy and in love. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep sight of that when I’m bogged down in all the details.

On top of that, we are now having TWO weddings. Yes, you read that right, two. On September 17th, we will be having our wedding at the venue I chose with all of our friends and family and all of that. And most likely the weekend before that, we will be having our Armenian wedding. It’s really important to Arsen that we be blessed by an Armenian priest in the church, and also his family wants to invite all of their friends who would definitely appreciate an Armenian ceremony more than our American one. So there ya go. Two weddings. I was super stressed about it at first, but I will have zero to do with the planning, and more importantly the funding, of the Armenian wedding. So my plan is to show up. Period.

On a fun note, we got our engagement pictures done a couple months ago! I’ll put a few of them on here for your viewing pleasure. And hopefully, it won’t be another four months before I update again.



With our wittle baby!


Sweet Relief

We did it. We finally, FINALLY chose a wedding venue. It is the first place I absolutely loved when we started looking, and I should have known that meant it was “the one”. But of course, I let the concerns of everyone else involved get in the way, and we drug this process out for over a month. Moral of the story: trust your gut. Lesson learned!

So I’ve decided to take this approach with the rest of the wedding: when I love something and have a strong reaction to it, that’s it. Of course, the fiance gets a say too, but for the most part he won’t be too concerned with flowers and decor and all of that. And of course, I’m sure there will be many calls to my mother and friends, asking for advice, but you get the point. No more questioning my first instincts!

I do love the venue we chose. It is gorgeous in a very clean, simple, elegant way, and to me those are beautiful words to describe a wedding. I can visualize how I want things to be already, and I couldn’t be more happy to have made my choice. YAY!!!!

Wedding Planning–It’s not for everyone

I’m the type of girl who always thought the period of my life that I spent engaged to the love of my life would be blissful and filled with happiness and love. Umm….no. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly blissful and happy and in love sometimes, but I’m also stressed out and cranky and arguing with the love of my life more often than not. Who knew how difficult this would be??? Why did no one tell me???

OK, enough with the drama. It’s really not so bad. We just can’t find a place to hold the wedding and reception. Which basically means we can do absolutely nothing. We can’t choose a date, we can’t decide on the number of guests, we can’t choose a photographer. Nothing. And the opinions from our families and friends, while somewhat helpful, make it even more difficult. Not only are we trying to please ourselves, we’re trying to please everyone involved. I find myself desiring that little quicky Court House marriage that Arsen has been pulling for on a regular basis.

So this journey could be interesting. IF we find a place and are able to book when we want, we will be getting married in September of next year. This means we have about 10 months of fun ahead of us….and that may actually be true. I’m thinking once we find a venue, everything else actually WILL be fun and blissful and happy and all that. Cross your fingers for me. Please.

Ms. Audrey

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

When I think about style, a million things go through my head. There are so many trends, so many people with gorgeous personal style that I would love to emulate. But above and beyond anyone else is Audrey Hepburn. She had an amazingly elegant, beautiful sense of style that is still relevant today. And most likely always will be.

I try to stay current with the way I dress, and follow trends to a certain extent, but I’m not too terribly “trendy”. It just seems such a waste to follow each and every new trend that comes along, and no one want to be a slave to fashion. I used to think this meant I didn’t have much of a sense of personal style, but in reality I’m more often drawn to thing that never go out of style. I think I have a “classic” style, and just never realized it. I’m starting to see this isn’t actually a problem, I just need to own it and allow myself to invest in the pieces that suit me.

Here is the trailer for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, my all time favorite Audrey movie. As you will notice, every thing she has on could be worn today. You could seriously base your wardrobe around this film and still be quite fashionable.  The huge glasses, the trench, the beautiful necklace she wears at the party, her adorable dresses. Love it!


Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

Today in my pop culture class we were discussing identity, in relation to sex and gender. This is really an interesting class to be in and I have a good time listening to what everyone has to say. One thing that was discussed was how from the minute you are born you are either “pink” or “blue”, when you are small you play with tiny kitchen sets and vanities, or toy trucks and cop cars, and it just goes on and on forever. From the very beginning a lot is decided for you, just based on gender alone.

It kind of got me thinking about who I am, really. Like deep down, underneath whatever predetermined likes and dislikes I have. What would I like if no one were telling me what to like? Not that there is actually someone sitting around telling me, but think about the constant influences we have from the media, friends, family and so on. Would I still do what I do, watch what I watch, and wear what I wear without it?

In a way I think, of course I wouldn’t, because without “pop culture” and the mass media telling us what’s popular, the majority of people wouldn’t be the same. But I think I’m individualistic enough that I pretty much stick to what I truly prefer. At the same time I do take into account what people think more than I probably should, even if I hide it.

I do feel like when it comes down to it though, I know who I am. I’m a girl who loves old, ridiculously romantic movies, reading good novels that make me laugh or cry, lounging around in sweat pants with my boy and my dog, getting dressed up anytime I have an excuse, laughing at anything and everything, eating delicious food, listening to music of all kinds, shopping for whatever I can possibly think of, writing down my thoughts, the occasional glass of wine, checking, twitter and Facebook obsessively, and spending time with my wonderful friends and family. I know I have very clearly defined morals and stances on the things that matter to me, and I will defend them to the end.  I know I like to observe a situation and take it all in before jumping in, instead of immediately dominating a situation, which may come off as reserved but works best for me. I know I may not be anywhere near perfect, but after 25 years of living I’ve figured out how to be the best version of myself that I can be. So I guess that’s all I really need.

I’ll end this with Lady Gaga’s video for “Just Dance”. Seriously one of the most fun songs around, and it always makes me happy! And she clearly doesn’t need anyone telling her who she is, haha. Love her!

Ohhh, guess I’ll try it again…

I’ve been debating for awhile whether or not to start blogging again. I’ve never taken it too seriously, and I’ve certainly never done it on a regular basis. I sort of figured why bother? I have nothing all that important to say, no particular topic I’m just SO passionate about. But I have always enjoyed writing, and Lord knows I have a lot going on in my tiny little mind all day. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just write whatever I feel, whenever I feel like it, about whatever topic happens to be on my mind that day. If people happen to read and enjoy, that’s wonderful! If not, I guess it’s sort of therapeutic.

All that has been consuming my mind lately has been: job searching (yikes), the nasty weather, and getting out of Stillwater. None of this is too cheerful or exciting, so therefore I’m trying to move my brain in another direction. And the only direction it wants to go in is shopping. I’m slightly obsessed. My boyfriend will gladly inform you that even if it’s a quick run to WalMart for groceries  I’ll somehow find a way to buy a magazine, a $5 movie (who can resist?), something for my dog, and a few random things, like Clorox wipes in a pretty purple box.  It’s honestly a bit of an addiction. Yesterday I went to deposit a check at the bank, which is located inside WalMart, and ended up coming out with $15 of randomness, none of it that I needed. But I was incredibly proud I only spend $15!

However,  I have yet to branch out in to the world of Internet shopping, as strange as that may be. For some reason it frightens me. I will load up my shopping bag with all of these wonderful deals, proceed to check out….and freeze. The shipping price always gets me. “If I bought this in the store it would be $8 cheaper!”, I always tell myself. Although I never really took into account the gas money I spend to drive an hour to a town with decent stores. Hmm…that may help me out. But also, what if it doesn’t fit? What if I don’t like it? It seems like such a hassle to return it. And what about sale stuff? I’m just stuck with it forever even if it doesn’t fit?!?!?

See, something as wonderful and amazing as online shopping, and I still find a way to develop anxiety. Maybe I just need to take the plunge and order those adorable white sandals I’ve been eying at But then of course there’s the chance I’ll soon have a new addiction. Oh well, at least I’m a frugal shopper.

I think this really has been very therapeutic for me. In fact, I think I may go take another look at those sandals. I’ll leave you with a couple photos of Addie, who is the only really enjoying all this snow.