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Fashion…one of my favorite topics!

So, we received the guidelines for our blogging assignment for our social media class last week. Once a week we get to blog about any topic we desire, so I gladly chose fashion. I’m actually hoping to work in Fashion PR after graduation, so I couldn’t think of anything I would rather discuss. But please take note of this now: I am by no means a fashion expert! Other than one year spent living in L.A., I have lived my entire life here in Oklahoma. And we are definitely not known for our fashion here. Not that I’m in any way putting down my home state! We may be a bit behind on the trends, but I think for the most part we do pretty well.

I am not planning to focus on “high fashion” at all. I know very little about it, and honestly, there is no way a college student can afford anything seen on the runway, so at this point in my life I have little interest in it. What I love is shopping for cute, affordable clothes. I could shop all day long, and it’s truly more fun when you get amazing deals. I plan on talking about the clothes I love, the trends I follow (or would never follow), and my favorite places to find these things.

When you think about all the different things fashion entails…the actual clothes, the shoes, the accessories…I can’t think of anything better to discuss! Judging from the search I did on, there are plenty of people who agree. So I’m really hoping to get some great discussions started and hopefully find some people who want to exchange tips and ideas.

I’m actually kind of excited! Hope this goes well….



Let’s get things started….

Hello to everyone (anyone at all?) that may be reading this! I suppose since this is my first blog, I’ll sort of start with the basics.

First of all, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m in a Social Media class at OSU, where I’m a Public Relations major, and for the class I have had to register on a few social media sites. And I literally have no idea what I’m doing on most of them. It’s not that I’m not computer savvy, or whatever you would like to consider it, but…OK, that might be a little bit what the problem is. I can e-mail, facebook and check all day long. But that’s really about it. When it gets deeper than that, I get a little nervous. Or terrified. Which is exactly why I’m in the class! In nearly every PR class I’ve had,the professors and just about any guest speaker have tried to drive home the point how vital social media is in the PR world. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to expand my skills. I can already tell I will be learning A LOT from the course.

So…I’ve covered my fear of technology…other than that, there’s not a lot you need to know. I’m sure, unless otherwise assigned for class, my post’s will be completely random. I’m trying a new thing where, since I will be graduating in just over a year, I take a more professional approach to things. However, that’s never really been a huge priority in life before, so we shall see how I do!

If anyone happens to read this and has any comments or questions, wonderful!