*About Me*

Hi there! Let’s see, about me sections are always SO fun..sense the sarcasm? I graduated this May from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism & Broadcasting, specializing in Public Relations. It took me about seven years to get from high school graduation to college graduation, but I have taken many (many) breaks over the years, had some very interesting journeys, made some wonderful, life-long friends, and met the love of my life. I’m starting a new job that *hopefully* I will love in the next few days, and I’m living in the Dallas area. Oh, and I’m trying oh-so-hard to plan my upcoming wedding.  I have a million interests, and I’m always trying to figure out exactly what it is that I want out of this beautiful little life of mine. All I know is I’ve got my fiance Arsen, my little dog Addie, and endless opportunities for happiness ahead of me.  Any questions, comments, concerns…contact me at celestecash@gmail.com.


One response to “*About Me*

  • Daniella Correa

    Hi Celeste!!!!!!!
    I really can’t believe this is you!!!!
    I miss you all but I’m always trying to write you a letter but I never do. So I was here on net and decided to try to find you….and I still don’t believe…this is you….I really hope so!!!
    How is Carl, how is Vicky?? Are you graduating next year??? How time goes by so fast!!!! Next year will complete 15 years I’ve leaved Haskell, canyou believe????
    This is it, Celeste….I wrote too much…
    I’m very glad I found you!!!!
    If you can, answer me..
    I’ll try to find you on facebook too.

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