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Ohhh, guess I’ll try it again…

I’ve been debating for awhile whether or not to start blogging again. I’ve never taken it too seriously, and I’ve certainly never done it on a regular basis. I sort of figured why bother? I have nothing all that important to say, no particular topic I’m just SO passionate about. But I have always enjoyed writing, and Lord knows I have a lot going on in my tiny little mind all day. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just write whatever I feel, whenever I feel like it, about whatever topic happens to be on my mind that day. If people happen to read and enjoy, that’s wonderful! If not, I guess it’s sort of therapeutic.

All that has been consuming my mind lately has been: job searching (yikes), the nasty weather, and getting out of Stillwater. None of this is too cheerful or exciting, so therefore I’m trying to move my brain in another direction. And the only direction it wants to go in is shopping. I’m slightly obsessed. My boyfriend will gladly inform you that even if it’s a quick run to WalMart for groceries¬† I’ll somehow find a way to buy a magazine, a $5 movie (who can resist?), something for my dog, and a few random things, like Clorox wipes in a pretty purple box.¬† It’s honestly a bit of an addiction. Yesterday I went to deposit a check at the bank, which is located inside WalMart, and ended up coming out with $15 of randomness, none of it that I needed. But I was incredibly proud I only spend $15!

However,¬† I have yet to branch out in to the world of Internet shopping, as strange as that may be. For some reason it frightens me. I will load up my shopping bag with all of these wonderful deals, proceed to check out….and freeze. The shipping price always gets me. “If I bought this in the store it would be $8 cheaper!”, I always tell myself. Although I never really took into account the gas money I spend to drive an hour to a town with decent stores. Hmm…that may help me out. But also, what if it doesn’t fit? What if I don’t like it? It seems like such a hassle to return it. And what about sale stuff? I’m just stuck with it forever even if it doesn’t fit?!?!?

See, something as wonderful and amazing as online shopping, and I still find a way to develop anxiety. Maybe I just need to take the plunge and order those adorable white sandals I’ve been eying at Lulus.com. But then of course there’s the chance I’ll soon have a new addiction. Oh well, at least I’m a frugal shopper.

I think this really has been very therapeutic for me. In fact, I think I may go take another look at those sandals. I’ll leave you with a couple photos of Addie, who is the only really enjoying all this snow.