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Another Exciting Venture!

SO, on top of all of the wedding planning business that we have going on, Arsen and I decided to add one more thing to the list: We’re buying a house! It is super exciting, and just a little overwhelming. Dallas and the surrounding areas are a bit large, so finding the perfect area, not to mention the perfect house, is a bit of a challenge. We definitely have certain things we (think) we have to have, and we definitely want it to be in a safe area. And we both prefer to steer clear of wood paneled walls, linoleum floors, shiny gold fixtures, and all of the other things you seem to find in so many of these homes.Oh, and one more thing: my lease is up the end of June, so we have about two months to get everything taken care of. Easy, right?

More than anything, I am just incredibly excited. I’ve been living in a dorm/apartment/rent house for eight years now. I am beyond ready to have a place of my own. And my head is about to explode with all of the decorating ideas I have. It also helps that we are registering for the wedding right now, so hopefully we will get a few of the beautiful things I have picked out in September. I’ve already started buying little things here and there. The problem is I don’t have one spare inch in this apartment to keep anything! Two more months…..


I’m SO good at this blogging thing

Oh my good Lord I’m awful at keeping up with any kind of social media. Which is crazy, because that’s what I do all day at work…maybe that’s the problem? Who knows. Anyway…

Wedding planning is in full force these days. I’ve always been a wonderful procrastinator, and I must say I’m exceptionally good when it comes to this wedding. I’ve got the major things taken care of: venue, dress, cake, etc. But now I’m getting into all the little details that are just torture. Picking out music for a million different parts of the ceremony and reception, choosing flowers, invitations, decorations, ugh…none of it is as fun as I thought it would be. Arsen keeps reminding me that I have to remember what it’s all about: me and him starting a our lives together and being happy and in love. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep sight of that when I’m bogged down in all the details.

On top of that, we are now having TWO weddings. Yes, you read that right, two. On September 17th, we will be having our wedding at the venue I chose with all of our friends and family and all of that. And most likely the weekend before that, we will be having our Armenian wedding. It’s really important to Arsen that we be blessed by an Armenian priest in the church, and also his family wants to invite all of their friends who would definitely appreciate an Armenian ceremony more than our American one. So there ya go. Two weddings. I was super stressed about it at first, but I will have zero to do with the planning, and more importantly the funding, of the Armenian wedding. So my plan is to show up. Period.

On a fun note, we got our engagement pictures done a couple months ago! I’ll put a few of them on here for your viewing pleasure. And hopefully, it won’t be another four months before I update again.



With our wittle baby!


Ohhh, guess I’ll try it again…

I’ve been debating for awhile whether or not to start blogging again. I’ve never taken it too seriously, and I’ve certainly never done it on a regular basis. I sort of figured why bother? I have nothing all that important to say, no particular topic I’m just SO passionate about. But I have always enjoyed writing, and Lord knows I have a lot going on in my tiny little mind all day. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just write whatever I feel, whenever I feel like it, about whatever topic happens to be on my mind that day. If people happen to read and enjoy, that’s wonderful! If not, I guess it’s sort of therapeutic.

All that has been consuming my mind lately has been: job searching (yikes), the nasty weather, and getting out of Stillwater. None of this is too cheerful or exciting, so therefore I’m trying to move my brain in another direction. And the only direction it wants to go in is shopping. I’m slightly obsessed. My boyfriend will gladly inform you that even if it’s a quick run to WalMart for groceries  I’ll somehow find a way to buy a magazine, a $5 movie (who can resist?), something for my dog, and a few random things, like Clorox wipes in a pretty purple box.  It’s honestly a bit of an addiction. Yesterday I went to deposit a check at the bank, which is located inside WalMart, and ended up coming out with $15 of randomness, none of it that I needed. But I was incredibly proud I only spend $15!

However,  I have yet to branch out in to the world of Internet shopping, as strange as that may be. For some reason it frightens me. I will load up my shopping bag with all of these wonderful deals, proceed to check out….and freeze. The shipping price always gets me. “If I bought this in the store it would be $8 cheaper!”, I always tell myself. Although I never really took into account the gas money I spend to drive an hour to a town with decent stores. Hmm…that may help me out. But also, what if it doesn’t fit? What if I don’t like it? It seems like such a hassle to return it. And what about sale stuff? I’m just stuck with it forever even if it doesn’t fit?!?!?

See, something as wonderful and amazing as online shopping, and I still find a way to develop anxiety. Maybe I just need to take the plunge and order those adorable white sandals I’ve been eying at But then of course there’s the chance I’ll soon have a new addiction. Oh well, at least I’m a frugal shopper.

I think this really has been very therapeutic for me. In fact, I think I may go take another look at those sandals. I’ll leave you with a couple photos of Addie, who is the only really enjoying all this snow.

My little love Addie

A little over a month ago I developed a new obsession. Well, not completely new, it had happened before, but a renewed obsession I suppose. I decided that I wanted a dog. Desperately.

Now, I have never had a dog of my own, other than a few dogs that lived outside when I was really young. So I had no idea what I was in for. None. Regardless, I started checking Petfinder every day and sending pictures to my boyfriend and mom constantly. They were both a bit hesitant, but I got them to eventually see my side of things. I’m responsible (-ish), almost done with school, and the majority of my friends have children, so surely I can handle a dog. Right?!?! Right. So off to the city to look for a puppy the boy and I went.

I had found a little guy online who I though was perfect, and tried really hard to get him. However, quite a few people were already in line for him, so we decided to look elsewhere. That Saturday we went to a few PetSmart adoptions, and didn’t find the right pup, although it’s hard not to take all of them! It’s just so sad to see them sitting in those little cages staring at you with their sad little eyes! So of course Arsen was having to talk me out of every dog I saw, but deep down I knew I would know when I found the one for me.

We ventured on to the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter to see what we could find. There was a huge crowd in the lobby, some people adopting, but it  seemed like more people were turning dogs in. We finally found someone to help us, and she sent us back to the dog area.

It was a little frightening to walk in, because the minute you do, many, many large dogs are lunging and barking at you in their cages. Now I know they are just excited, and it broke my heart, but still…a bit intimidating to walk into.  So Arsen and I sort of split up and started wandering around. There weren’t hardly any small dogs, which is what I was looking for, so I was a bit disapointed. But after just a minute or so Arsen called me over, and I saw her. The most adorable little dog ever. She was tiny and scrawny, with her hair buzzed, but oh so cute! We took her out of her cage to play with, and the rest is history. She was obviously ours. After a few minutes of playing in the play room I asked Arsen what we should do. He said, “Well we can’t put her back in there.”

So that was that. A $25 adoption fee, a few instructions, and about 30 minutes of waiting in line later, we were pet parents. And I was completely overjoyed.

Addie, right after we got her!


Addie soon after adoption

Now I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. The shelter had her estimated to be about 5-7 years old, but each vet we’ve taken her to has said she was younger. The last said no more than two years old, and the way she is growing, I’m pretty sure she is only a baby. She gets bigger every day, and not just weight gain. So we definitely weren’t bargaining on getting a puppy. I was not planning on dealing with the crazy energy, accidents in the house, and chewing on everything from my bathroom floor to my new slippers. It has been stressful at times, and frustrating (oh how frustrating) at others, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

She was exactly what I needed. A little baby to take care of, to begin our little “family”. She’s laying at my feet napping right now, and I couldn’t be happier!

Addie today

Addie Today! Healthy and Happy.

After walking into that shelter and seeing all the dogs and cats available for adoption, this has become a huge burden on my heart. I have tried to convince each of my parents to adopt, and a few friends. I just can’t believe how many animals out there need a home. I encourage everyone who has the time and funds to take a pet home to do so. They give back so much happiness that there is really no reason not to do it! You can visit the OKC Shelter’s site here.

I hope everyone out there will seriously consider adopting! It’s the best thing you will ever do!


Learning to love my social media!

So, I’m really starting to get into this whole social media thing. Twitter is seriously addicting. I find that if I go a couple of hours without checking it I start to get a little antsy! I can’t believe how much I am learning in my social media class, and how useful it all is! In class this past week we learned how to create a social networking site on-line, and it is so much easier than I would have imagined. I’m so happy that I’m in this class learning so much valuable information that will be so helpful for when I am out there job hunting. And the fact that I get to be in a career field that uses all of these means of communication and promotion is so exciting! I think it’s all so much fun and I can’t wait to learn more.

In class on Thursday our professor announced that a PR firm in Tulsa is actually hiring someone to be in charge of their social media. What an awesome job that would be! I wish I was out of school so I could apply.  Of course I don’t think I’m quite experienced enough, but hopefully by the end of the semester I will be!

It really looks like this is the way business is headed. I’ve been telling my mom she needs to join Twitter and get her own Web site for her new business. Luckily, I can help her do it now! I’m pretty sure before too long businesses that don’t have a presence on the Internet will be far behind their competition. It’s already somewhat the case, because personally if I am searching for a particular type of business on the Internet, I will always choose the one with a site over the other, just because it’s so much more convenient!

Anyhow, I believe that’s all for now….I need to go check out Twitter!


Looking Good on a Budget

As we have all heard a billion times by now, the economy is not so good at the moment. So I’m sure shopping for new clothes is the last thing most people are thinking about. However, if you are anything like me, it’s one of the first places your money will go. I realize it’s not the smartest investment, but I honestly can’t help it.

For me, shopping on a budget is nothing new. I have been living on the “poor college student” budget for almost  six years now. Yes, six. When I finish it will have taken me about seven years, on and off,  to receive a Bachelor’s degree. But that’s not the point. The point is, I know how to shop for clothes with very little money. Granted, I have been very lucky that my parents have paid most of my rent and bills over the years, but after the first couple years they really cut down on the extra spending money! (Can’t blame ’em)

Over the years I have jumped from store to store, depending on my age and style preference at the time, but three stores have remained my favorites throughout it all.

First and foremost, Forever 21 is my absolute favorite. They are up to date on all the trends, but still have all the classics you need to build your wardrobe on. I just bought the perfect little black dress there for New Year’s Eve, and I believe it was only $28 (give or take a couple bucks). They have super cute jeans ranging from $12.50 into the mid-$30’s, and I just got my new favorite pair on sale for $9.99.  They also have shockingly good deals on random items. Sometimes you can find the perfect summer dress for $12 or a jacket for $18. It is by far my favorite store, and lucky for all of us, they are opening in malls all over the place. In fact, most old Gadzooks stores are being replaced by them.

Next up is Wet Seal. I shopped there a bit in junior high, and kind of rediscovered it after high school. I actually worked there for quite awhile a couple years ago, and it is still my favorite job of all time. They have great accessories for super cheap, a lot of times with deals like 2 for $8 or $10. And their sunglasses are usually really cute and are on sale 2 for $10 most of the time from what I remember. Also, great jeans if you don’t have to have expensive brand name ones. I personally can’t afford to care anymore! They’ve got trendy tops for going out, usually never much more than $30.  For college-age girls, this is a wonderful place to find great deals.

Finally, Charlotte Russe is another favorite. I’ve kind of gone back and forth with this store, but for the past few seasons I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their stuff. I buy a lot of jeans here, because they often have 2 for $30 sales on their Refuge jeans, and I’ve been pretty happy with the fit of these. I also find a lot of dresses here, and they have great deals on accessories as well. Out of all three stores, this is the first place I look for shoes. The have a ton of choices, and always have the latest trends.

There are a lot of other great stores out there, but when I have money to spend on clothes, these are the first places I go. It honestly took me awhile to adjust to shopping on a budget, but once you are out of mom and dad’s house, you really don’t have much of a choice. Especially if you don’t want to rack up your credit card debt! I’ve been able to completely avoid it by shopping this way. Of course I wish I could still buy $80 jeans and $150 boots, but until I’m out of school, this is the best way I’ve found to do it!

Check out the links, and I hope I’ve helped someone out!


New Social Media Site Coming….

Our Social Media class is soon to begin the process of creating a Web site. The plan for the site is for all those  involved in Journalism and Broadcasting at OSU (or anywhere else I suppose) to have a place to network, lend advice, ask questions, and develop professional relationships. It will be open to current students, alumni, prospective students, and professionals.

I think this is something we JB students at OSU will find quite helpful. If we can get alumni and working professionals involved I think it will be incredibley beneficial to us all. As with all of the social networking sites I am now involved with, such as Twitter and our Social Media Club site, this will be a great place to go with any questions I have as I begin my internship and, soon enough, job searches.  It’s all so overwhelming when you have a million things you need to do and are unsure of where to start, that having a place to run to with all of your questions will be a lifesaver.

I truly hope we can get a lot of professionals and recent grads involved to kind of give us a heads up for what to expect the first couple years after graduation, and also hopefully some advice on how to prepare. I’m really looking forward to the experience, and also interested to see what goes into launching a site.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress!