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Another Exciting Venture!

SO, on top of all of the wedding planning business that we have going on, Arsen and I decided to add one more thing to the list: We’re buying a house! It is super exciting, and just a little overwhelming. Dallas and the surrounding areas are a bit large, so finding the perfect area, not to mention the perfect house, is a bit of a challenge. We definitely have certain things we (think) we have to have, and we definitely want it to be in a safe area. And we both prefer to steer clear of wood paneled walls, linoleum floors, shiny gold fixtures, and all of the other things you seem to find in so many of these homes.Oh, and one more thing: my lease is up the end of June, so we have about two months to get everything taken care of. Easy, right?

More than anything, I am just incredibly excited. I’ve been living in a dorm/apartment/rent house for eight years now. I am beyond ready to have a place of my own. And my head is about to explode with all of the decorating ideas I have. It also helps that we are registering for the wedding right now, so hopefully we will get a few of the beautiful things I have picked out in September. I’ve already started buying little things here and there. The problem is I don’t have one spare inch in this apartment to keep anything! Two more months…..


I’m SO good at this blogging thing

Oh my good Lord I’m awful at keeping up with any kind of social media. Which is crazy, because that’s what I do all day at work…maybe that’s the problem? Who knows. Anyway…

Wedding planning is in full force these days. I’ve always been a wonderful procrastinator, and I must say I’m exceptionally good when it comes to this wedding. I’ve got the major things taken care of: venue, dress, cake, etc. But now I’m getting into all the little details that are just torture. Picking out music for a million different parts of the ceremony and reception, choosing flowers, invitations, decorations, ugh…none of it is as fun as I thought it would be. Arsen keeps reminding me that I have to remember what it’s all about: me and him starting a our lives together and being happy and in love. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep sight of that when I’m bogged down in all the details.

On top of that, we are now having TWO weddings. Yes, you read that right, two. On September 17th, we will be having our wedding at the venue I chose with all of our friends and family and all of that. And most likely the weekend before that, we will be having our Armenian wedding. It’s really important to Arsen that we be blessed by an Armenian priest in the church, and also his family wants to invite all of their friends who would definitely appreciate an Armenian ceremony more than our American one. So there ya go. Two weddings. I was super stressed about it at first, but I will have zero to do with the planning, and more importantly the funding, of the Armenian wedding. So my plan is to show up. Period.

On a fun note, we got our engagement pictures done a couple months ago! I’ll put a few of them on here for your viewing pleasure. And hopefully, it won’t be another four months before I update again.



With our wittle baby!