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Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

Today in my pop culture class we were discussing identity, in relation to sex and gender. This is really an interesting class to be in and I have a good time listening to what everyone has to say. One thing that was discussed was how from the minute you are born you are either “pink” or “blue”, when you are small you play with tiny kitchen sets and vanities, or toy trucks and cop cars, and it just goes on and on forever. From the very beginning a lot is decided for you, just based on gender alone.

It kind of got me thinking about who I am, really. Like deep down, underneath whatever predetermined likes and dislikes I have. What would I like if no one were telling me what to like? Not that there is actually someone sitting around telling me, but think about the constant influences we have from the media, friends, family and so on. Would I still do what I do, watch what I watch, and wear what I wear without it?

In a way I think, of course I wouldn’t, because without “pop culture” and the mass media telling us what’s popular, the majority of people wouldn’t be the same. But I think I’m individualistic enough that I pretty much stick to what I truly prefer. At the same time I do take into account what people think more than I probably should, even if I hide it.

I do feel like when it comes down to it though, I know who I am. I’m a girl who loves old, ridiculously romantic movies, reading good novels that make me laugh or cry, lounging around in sweat pants with my boy and my dog, getting dressed up anytime I have an excuse, laughing at anything and everything, eating delicious food, listening to music of all kinds, shopping for whatever I can possibly think of, writing down my thoughts, the occasional glass of wine, checking, twitter and Facebook obsessively, and spending time with my wonderful friends and family. I know I have very clearly defined morals and stances on the things that matter to me, and I will defend them to the end.  I know I like to observe a situation and take it all in before jumping in, instead of immediately dominating a situation, which may come off as reserved but works best for me. I know I may not be anywhere near perfect, but after 25 years of living I’ve figured out how to be the best version of myself that I can be. So I guess that’s all I really need.

I’ll end this with Lady Gaga’s video for “Just Dance”. Seriously one of the most fun songs around, and it always makes me happy! And she clearly doesn’t need anyone telling her who she is, haha. Love her!


I’m Back!!!

Well, it has been over six months since I updated my blog. Shameful! Honestly, I didn’t expect to keep this up after my social media class. It seemed like a lot of work, and really, what do I have to say that’s so important? But I’ve been reading other blogs and realized that it’s fun to just randomly find out what’s going on in someones life, so here goes!

Although a lot has happened (obviously) since I’ve posted, all I want to talk about today is the awesome town hall meeting I was a part of yesterday. The JB school (that’s journalism & broadcasting) here at OSU got to help in the Pickens Plan Town Hall that took place on campus at Gallagher-Iba Arena. T. Boone Pickens came to speak about his Pickens Plan, which focuses on using natural gas and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We journalism students were lucky enough to get the chance to help in the promotional aspect of the meeting, as well as a lot of fun behind the scenes stuff the day of. The student run PR firm I am a member of, STATEments, also played a big part. It was an awesome day, and I feel like I learned so much about what it really takes to coordinate such a huge event.

During the event I had the honor of being the “shadow” of Gary Shutt, who is my boss at OSU Communications, where I am a Communications intern. I pretty much was there to assist him in whatever he needed, and I actually got to do a lot of fun stuff. I was in charge of dealing with some microphones, running around to deliver some messages, and even got the chance to get on stage with Boone! Of course I took this opportunity to mess up my simple little job. I was supposed to, from what I understand, simply hand a package to Mr. Pickens that he was to give to President Hargis as a birthday gift. Not so much. He decided I needed to open the package for him, which seemed to be impossible! Finally, President Hargis saved the day by ripping it open. Luckily I don’t embarrass too easily, so it just makes for a funny story 🙂

Overall, I discovered once again that I definitly chose the right career path. I love how fast-paced things were during the event, and I love the fact that the job changes day to day. Since interning here at OSU Communications, I have done a number of different things, and loved just about every one!

OK, so my goal is to keep up with this whole blogging thing…we shall see how it goes!

Check out the site for the Pickens Plan here

Until next time!


Social Media vs. Traditional PR

The two JB classes that I have this semester are Social Media and Advanced PR Media. They are both great classes that I thoroughly enjoy, but lately I’ve been wondering which will be most beneficial to me in the long run. Once I get out into the real world of PR, what will be the more marketable skill?

One major argument for social media that we always hear is that as a younger generation, we have a bit of an edge on those who came before us. We grew up IM’ing on AOL and surfing the Internet, and for the incoming freshman and those behind them, grew up with Myspace and Facebook. So we are naturally more comfortable with blogging, tweeting, etc. than someone who has been in the PR world for 20+ years  would be. I started the semester knowing not much at all other than how to use my Facebook, and now I feel that I have many great skills to offer in the area of social media. However, anyone can learn, so is this something that is really that valuable? As we’ve learned in JB 4520, at any site, whether it be Twitter or Visual CV, there is an instructional video to walk you through the entire process. Also, just about every company or organization out there has a presence on the Internet. So I’m sure being able to say I have had a class teaching me the specifics of all of these different types of media will be impressive.

Traditional PR, however, isn’t something that you can just log on and learn. Of course I’m sure there are sites telling you how to write a press release or that can teach you AP style, but isn’t this something that really should be taught in a classroom and drilled into your head? I have had more than 20 hours of PR specific courses, and some of the technicalities still make me a bit nervous. In my Advanced PR Media course we are learning to use InDesign and Photoshop to create brochures, newsletters, fliers, etc. , which are things any good PR practitioner will need to know how to do. Again, this is something that should help in the job search.

So when it comes down to it, is either set of skills more valuable than the other? Or has the world of PR come to the point that in order to be secure that you are doing the best job possible, you need to be a “guru” in both areas? Either way, I can rest assured that I’m getting a great education in both areas. Thoughts, anyone?


Advanced PR Media

I thought this week I would do a little review of my other favorite class of this semester (of course social media is the other). I’m taking Advanced PR Media, and I love it. I have learned so much that I know is going to be incredibly beneficial once I get out in the real world of PR, and it’s actually a really fun class. I’ve noticed I never dread going, which for me is practically unheard of. Especially at 10:30 in the morning, which is pretty early. At least it is for me.

We have worked in Photoshop and InDesign, and did a review of most of the Microsoft programs. I have created a flyer, a brochure, and a newsletter. So much great stuff to put into a portfolio!  What we’re working on now is our final project of the semester, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It’s all about us as an individual.  We are creating our own letterhead, doing a resume and cover letter,  creating a flyer announcing our graduation, and creating a brochure that serves as a sort of extended resume. So honestly it’s just a great way to work on things we would be doing on our own anyway. And this way you have someone there helping you through everything.

It’s a fun class where you’re allowed to be a little more creative than a lot of others. For anyone that it’s not required for, I would highly suggest maybe taking it as an elective. And for those of you who have it coming up, now you know you have something to look forward to.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



As a part of our updated blogging assignment, I thought I would write a bit about OSU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I have been a member since I first came to OSU in the fall of 2007, and will be the Programming Director for the upcoming school year. I have found the organization to be helpful to me in so many ways, and I wish that more people would take advantage of all that it has to offer.

We typically have meetings about once a month. Each meeting is very different from the one before. This past Thursday we had Alanna Bradley from OSU Communications come speak about what they do in their office, and internship opportunities there and elsewhere on campus. At the meeting before that Kristen Turley, who is a PR professional from Tulsa, came to speak to us on tips for job hunting and putting together resumes.  And I believe the meeting before that is when Bonnie Cain from the OSU Library and Becky Endicott from the OSU Foundation came for a panel discussion on marketing yourself. I have learned so much in just the past three meetings, and it’s exciting to hear so many professionals speak about a career I will soon have.

There is almost always some type of snack provided, and we even get free Hideaway Pizza,  Joseppi’s, or Mexico Joe’s occasionally (I know we’ve had other stuff as well, but my mind is blanking).   Anyway, what’s better than free food? Also, around Christmas we have a meeting where we decorate Christmas cards or cookies. So it’s always a fun time. I encourage anyone studying  PR to join, and if you’re already a member,  start coming to the meetings! I’ll be sure and post on when the next meeting will be, so hopefully we will see some more members getting involved. And if you would like some more info on OSU PRSSA just go to!

Now, I’m off to cook a delicious little salmon dinner with the boyfriend! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Learning to pack light

It’s Spring Break time, and I couldn’t be more ready for a break from everything. At the moment I’m packing up to head to Texas with the boyfriend. No beaches this year, unfortunately, but at least we are getting out of town.

Packing for a trip is one of the biggest challenges for a girl who loves clothes. I usually wind up wearing about half of what I take, but I want to be prepared for every possible event that might happen to come up. I have, however, learned a few tricks to cut down (a bit) on luggage size.

First, I’ve started rolling my things. It honestly does save a ton of space to just roll up your jeans, sweats, and t-shirts. Usually, if I’m traveling in a car, I hang up anything nice, like my dresses or nicer shirts. Also, I’ve learned to choose outfits that color coordinate to cut down on the number of shoes that I take. I take one pair of nice heels, one pair of more casual heels, and then flats or sandals. Fortunately it’s going to be warm in Austin, so I was able to pack sandals, which is one of the main perks of summer. They barley take up any room. Finally, I’ve broken my awful habit of packing 10 pairs of jeans, one for every occasion and mood. It’s ridiculous, because no one else will notice if you wear the same pair a few days. So I take two casual pairs to go with my flats, and two dressier pairs to go with my heels. Also, I’ve started investing in all the travel size toiletries.

I’ve saved so much room by doing this. Although by looking at my luggage right now, you might not believe it. But for a week long trip I am taking a carry on size suitcase, one medium size bag, and a few hanging things. Such an improvement from the biggest suitcase I could possibly find, plus a bag for shoes and toiletries, for a 3 or 4 night stay!

I hope everyone who gets a Spring Break enjoys it, and everyone who doesn’t, I’m sorry….one of the most dreaded things in my near future is no more Spring Breaks once I hit the real world. Hope everyone has a great time no matter what they’re doing!


Socially Orange

Just wanted to give a little update on the Web site that my Social Media class is creating. It’s really coming a long way pretty quickly, and we’re learning a lot of interesting stuff  while doing it. In fact, I helped my mom create a site for her new business after learning how to set one up in class! Look at me, already using what I’ve learned.

First of all, the site is called Socially Orange, if I haven’t mentioned that before. I think the name is so creative and fun, and definitely easy to remember! One of the girls in class came up with it, and I must say I’m impressed. As of right now we are focusing on getting members involved who are affiliated with the Journalism & Broadcasting (JB) school at Oklahoma State. Eventually we are hoping that it will expand beyond that, but that’s where we’re starting. The main goal of the site is basically to give JB students, prospective students, recent grads, or JB professionals a place to meet up and network. Hopefully it will lead to internships and jobs for students, and possibly stir up some interest in the JB school for future students and employers as well.

As of right now, groups are being created, blogs are being written, and videos are being uploaded pretty often. It’s definitely in the beginning stages, but I’m proud of the little piece of it that I’ve been involved with. We currently have five different groups available to join, and all of the events affiliated with the JB school are posted on the site, so it’s a great place to keep up to date on the school.

If you haven’t been to the site before, check it out by clicking here. Wish us luck!