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I’m Back!!!

Well, it has been over six months since I updated my blog. Shameful! Honestly, I didn’t expect to keep this up after my social media class. It seemed like a lot of work, and really, what do I have to say that’s so important? But I’ve been reading other blogs and realized that it’s fun to just randomly find out what’s going on in someones life, so here goes!

Although a lot has happened (obviously) since I’ve posted, all I want to talk about today is the awesome town hall meeting I was a part of yesterday. The JB school (that’s journalism & broadcasting) here at OSU got to help in the Pickens Plan Town Hall that took place on campus at Gallagher-Iba Arena. T. Boone Pickens came to speak about his Pickens Plan, which focuses on using natural gas and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We journalism students were lucky enough to get the chance to help in the promotional aspect of the meeting, as well as a lot of fun behind the scenes stuff the day of. The student run PR firm I am a member of, STATEments, also played a big part. It was an awesome day, and I feel like I learned so much about what it really takes to coordinate such a huge event.

During the event I had the honor of being the “shadow” of Gary Shutt, who is my boss at OSU Communications, where I am a Communications intern. I pretty much was there to assist him in whatever he needed, and I actually got to do a lot of fun stuff. I was in charge of dealing with some microphones, running around to deliver some messages, and even got the chance to get on stage with Boone! Of course I took this opportunity to mess up my simple little job. I was supposed to, from what I understand, simply hand a package to Mr. Pickens that he was to give to President Hargis as a birthday gift. Not so much. He decided I needed to open the package for him, which seemed to be impossible! Finally, President Hargis saved the day by ripping it open. Luckily I don’t embarrass too easily, so it just makes for a funny story 🙂

Overall, I discovered once again that I definitly chose the right career path. I love how fast-paced things were during the event, and I love the fact that the job changes day to day. Since interning here at OSU Communications, I have done a number of different things, and loved just about every one!

OK, so my goal is to keep up with this whole blogging thing…we shall see how it goes!

Check out the site for the Pickens Plan here

Until next time!