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Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

Today in my pop culture class we were discussing identity, in relation to sex and gender. This is really an interesting class to be in and I have a good time listening to what everyone has to say. One thing that was discussed was how from the minute you are born you are either “pink” or “blue”, when you are small you play with tiny kitchen sets and vanities, or toy trucks and cop cars, and it just goes on and on forever. From the very beginning a lot is decided for you, just based on gender alone.

It kind of got me thinking about who I am, really. Like deep down, underneath whatever predetermined likes and dislikes I have. What would I like if no one were telling me what to like? Not that there is actually someone sitting around telling me, but think about the constant influences we have from the media, friends, family and so on. Would I still do what I do, watch what I watch, and wear what I wear without it?

In a way I think, of course I wouldn’t, because without “pop culture” and the mass media telling us what’s popular, the majority of people wouldn’t be the same. But I think I’m individualistic enough that I pretty much stick to what I truly prefer. At the same time I do take into account what people think more than I probably should, even if I hide it.

I do feel like when it comes down to it though, I know who I am. I’m a girl who loves old, ridiculously romantic movies, reading good novels that make me laugh or cry, lounging around in sweat pants with my boy and my dog, getting dressed up anytime I have an excuse, laughing at anything and everything, eating delicious food, listening to music of all kinds, shopping for whatever I can possibly think of, writing down my thoughts, the occasional glass of wine, checking, twitter and Facebook obsessively, and spending time with my wonderful friends and family. I know I have very clearly defined morals and stances on the things that matter to me, and I will defend them to the end.  I know I like to observe a situation and take it all in before jumping in, instead of immediately dominating a situation, which may come off as reserved but works best for me. I know I may not be anywhere near perfect, but after 25 years of living I’ve figured out how to be the best version of myself that I can be. So I guess that’s all I really need.

I’ll end this with Lady Gaga’s video for “Just Dance”. Seriously one of the most fun songs around, and it always makes me happy! And she clearly doesn’t need anyone telling her who she is, haha. Love her!


Social Media vs. Traditional PR

The two JB classes that I have this semester are Social Media and Advanced PR Media. They are both great classes that I thoroughly enjoy, but lately I’ve been wondering which will be most beneficial to me in the long run. Once I get out into the real world of PR, what will be the more marketable skill?

One major argument for social media that we always hear is that as a younger generation, we have a bit of an edge on those who came before us. We grew up IM’ing on AOL and surfing the Internet, and for the incoming freshman and those behind them, grew up with Myspace and Facebook. So we are naturally more comfortable with blogging, tweeting, etc. than someone who has been in the PR world for 20+ years  would be. I started the semester knowing not much at all other than how to use my Facebook, and now I feel that I have many great skills to offer in the area of social media. However, anyone can learn, so is this something that is really that valuable? As we’ve learned in JB 4520, at any site, whether it be Twitter or Visual CV, there is an instructional video to walk you through the entire process. Also, just about every company or organization out there has a presence on the Internet. So I’m sure being able to say I have had a class teaching me the specifics of all of these different types of media will be impressive.

Traditional PR, however, isn’t something that you can just log on and learn. Of course I’m sure there are sites telling you how to write a press release or that can teach you AP style, but isn’t this something that really should be taught in a classroom and drilled into your head? I have had more than 20 hours of PR specific courses, and some of the technicalities still make me a bit nervous. In my Advanced PR Media course we are learning to use InDesign and Photoshop to create brochures, newsletters, fliers, etc. , which are things any good PR practitioner will need to know how to do. Again, this is something that should help in the job search.

So when it comes down to it, is either set of skills more valuable than the other? Or has the world of PR come to the point that in order to be secure that you are doing the best job possible, you need to be a “guru” in both areas? Either way, I can rest assured that I’m getting a great education in both areas. Thoughts, anyone?


Socially Orange

Just wanted to give a little update on the Web site that my Social Media class is creating. It’s really coming a long way pretty quickly, and we’re learning a lot of interesting stuff  while doing it. In fact, I helped my mom create a site for her new business after learning how to set one up in class! Look at me, already using what I’ve learned.

First of all, the site is called Socially Orange, if I haven’t mentioned that before. I think the name is so creative and fun, and definitely easy to remember! One of the girls in class came up with it, and I must say I’m impressed. As of right now we are focusing on getting members involved who are affiliated with the Journalism & Broadcasting (JB) school at Oklahoma State. Eventually we are hoping that it will expand beyond that, but that’s where we’re starting. The main goal of the site is basically to give JB students, prospective students, recent grads, or JB professionals a place to meet up and network. Hopefully it will lead to internships and jobs for students, and possibly stir up some interest in the JB school for future students and employers as well.

As of right now, groups are being created, blogs are being written, and videos are being uploaded pretty often. It’s definitely in the beginning stages, but I’m proud of the little piece of it that I’ve been involved with. We currently have five different groups available to join, and all of the events affiliated with the JB school are posted on the site, so it’s a great place to keep up to date on the school.

If you haven’t been to the site before, check it out by clicking here. Wish us luck!


Guest Speaker in Social Media Today!

We had a great guest speaker today in our Social Media class, Mike Koehler of NewsOK/The Oklahoman. It’s always exciting to have guest speakers in class who provide different insights on things that are important to us as public relations/journalism/broadcasting etc. students. His presentation gave me a lot to think about regarding how I personally handle social media. He suggested that when engaging in social media you create your own online identity, and find your niche to focus on. I feel like I’ve done that to some extent, but could definitely improve upon it. I also feel like I should become a little more engaged in social media than I am, but I suppose I’ve come quite a long way in just a short time.

Honestly what I’m learning from every person I’ve heard speak in the last year or so is that social media is the way the world is heading. Mr. Koehler works for a newspaper who has now taken so much of their product online and is really doing some incredible things with it. And nearly every business you can think of is doing the same. Luckily those of us who are younger have grown up with the Internet and worked with computers from the time we were in grade school, so it’s easier for us to adapt to it all. People my parents age have a more difficult time. My dad knows the basics because he worked in a bank until he retired, but he can barely do anything online without asking for my help. I’m sure so many of the older people who are heading companies are hesitant to join the online world, but in reality they really don’t have a choice.

So, as I’ve said a million times before, I couldn’t be more happy that I decided to enroll in this course. I went from not even really knowing what Twitter was less than three months ago, to being “addicted” to it as my boyfriend says, and writing my own blog! I’m really excited to see what else I learn over the remainder of the semester.


So I missed the Expo….

Today, of all days, I felt absolutely awful. I have no idea why these things happen, but it was completely frustrating because I was all prepared for the JB school’s Networking Expo. Resumes all printed up, outfit picked out, 30 second commercial planned out. Frustrating!

So I’m hoping it went well for everyone who got to attend! I know how important networking is and I feel that I really missed out by not being there. I can only hope we will have another similar event before too long.

I suppose since I missed it, I will just discuss what we learned on Tuesday. First of all, we got a great lesson in how unpredictable technology can be. Trying to get Twitter onto someone’s blog took up most of class, and we never quite figured it out.  I think that’s an important thing to see, because I’m always so concerned about doing everything “right” when it comes to all this social media stuff, and that just goes to show that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Even if you’re a social media professor! We also learned a bit about fixing up our blogs, and I got on here as soon as I got home and started playing around with it. The most exciting thing I discovered was how to upload pictures to my blog. I must say, I think it already looks a ton better!

So, today was not such a successful day for me personally, but I am learning more and more every day when it comes to this wonderful little online life I’m leading now.  Can’t wait to hear how the Expo turned out!


Learning to love my social media!

So, I’m really starting to get into this whole social media thing. Twitter is seriously addicting. I find that if I go a couple of hours without checking it I start to get a little antsy! I can’t believe how much I am learning in my social media class, and how useful it all is! In class this past week we learned how to create a social networking site on-line, and it is so much easier than I would have imagined. I’m so happy that I’m in this class learning so much valuable information that will be so helpful for when I am out there job hunting. And the fact that I get to be in a career field that uses all of these means of communication and promotion is so exciting! I think it’s all so much fun and I can’t wait to learn more.

In class on Thursday our professor announced that a PR firm in Tulsa is actually hiring someone to be in charge of their social media. What an awesome job that would be! I wish I was out of school so I could apply.  Of course I don’t think I’m quite experienced enough, but hopefully by the end of the semester I will be!

It really looks like this is the way business is headed. I’ve been telling my mom she needs to join Twitter and get her own Web site for her new business. Luckily, I can help her do it now! I’m pretty sure before too long businesses that don’t have a presence on the Internet will be far behind their competition. It’s already somewhat the case, because personally if I am searching for a particular type of business on the Internet, I will always choose the one with a site over the other, just because it’s so much more convenient!

Anyhow, I believe that’s all for now….I need to go check out Twitter!


New Social Media Site Coming….

Our Social Media class is soon to begin the process of creating a Web site. The plan for the site is for all those  involved in Journalism and Broadcasting at OSU (or anywhere else I suppose) to have a place to network, lend advice, ask questions, and develop professional relationships. It will be open to current students, alumni, prospective students, and professionals.

I think this is something we JB students at OSU will find quite helpful. If we can get alumni and working professionals involved I think it will be incredibley beneficial to us all. As with all of the social networking sites I am now involved with, such as Twitter and our Social Media Club site, this will be a great place to go with any questions I have as I begin my internship and, soon enough, job searches.  It’s all so overwhelming when you have a million things you need to do and are unsure of where to start, that having a place to run to with all of your questions will be a lifesaver.

I truly hope we can get a lot of professionals and recent grads involved to kind of give us a heads up for what to expect the first couple years after graduation, and also hopefully some advice on how to prepare. I’m really looking forward to the experience, and also interested to see what goes into launching a site.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress!