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As a part of our updated blogging assignment, I thought I would write a bit about OSU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I have been a member since I first came to OSU in the fall of 2007, and will be the Programming Director for the upcoming school year. I have found the organization to be helpful to me in so many ways, and I wish that more people would take advantage of all that it has to offer.

We typically have meetings about once a month. Each meeting is very different from the one before. This past Thursday we had Alanna Bradley from OSU Communications come speak about what they do in their office, and internship opportunities there and elsewhere on campus. At the meeting before that Kristen Turley, who is a PR professional from Tulsa, came to speak to us on tips for job hunting and putting together resumes.  And I believe the meeting before that is when Bonnie Cain from the OSU Library and Becky Endicott from the OSU Foundation came for a panel discussion on marketing yourself. I have learned so much in just the past three meetings, and it’s exciting to hear so many professionals speak about a career I will soon have.

There is almost always some type of snack provided, and we even get free Hideaway Pizza,  Joseppi’s, or Mexico Joe’s occasionally (I know we’ve had other stuff as well, but my mind is blanking).   Anyway, what’s better than free food? Also, around Christmas we have a meeting where we decorate Christmas cards or cookies. So it’s always a fun time. I encourage anyone studying  PR to join, and if you’re already a member,  start coming to the meetings! I’ll be sure and post on when the next meeting will be, so hopefully we will see some more members getting involved. And if you would like some more info on OSU PRSSA just go to!

Now, I’m off to cook a delicious little salmon dinner with the boyfriend! Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Learning to pack light

It’s Spring Break time, and I couldn’t be more ready for a break from everything. At the moment I’m packing up to head to Texas with the boyfriend. No beaches this year, unfortunately, but at least we are getting out of town.

Packing for a trip is one of the biggest challenges for a girl who loves clothes. I usually wind up wearing about half of what I take, but I want to be prepared for every possible event that might happen to come up. I have, however, learned a few tricks to cut down (a bit) on luggage size.

First, I’ve started rolling my things. It honestly does save a ton of space to just roll up your jeans, sweats, and t-shirts. Usually, if I’m traveling in a car, I hang up anything nice, like my dresses or nicer shirts. Also, I’ve learned to choose outfits that color coordinate to cut down on the number of shoes that I take. I take one pair of nice heels, one pair of more casual heels, and then flats or sandals. Fortunately it’s going to be warm in Austin, so I was able to pack sandals, which is one of the main perks of summer. They barley take up any room. Finally, I’ve broken my awful habit of packing 10 pairs of jeans, one for every occasion and mood. It’s ridiculous, because no one else will notice if you wear the same pair a few days. So I take two casual pairs to go with my flats, and two dressier pairs to go with my heels. Also, I’ve started investing in all the travel size toiletries.

I’ve saved so much room by doing this. Although by looking at my luggage right now, you might not believe it. But for a week long trip I am taking a carry on size suitcase, one medium size bag, and a few hanging things. Such an improvement from the biggest suitcase I could possibly find, plus a bag for shoes and toiletries, for a 3 or 4 night stay!

I hope everyone who gets a Spring Break enjoys it, and everyone who doesn’t, I’m sorry….one of the most dreaded things in my near future is no more Spring Breaks once I hit the real world. Hope everyone has a great time no matter what they’re doing!


Socially Orange

Just wanted to give a little update on the Web site that my Social Media class is creating. It’s really coming a long way pretty quickly, and we’re learning a lot of interesting stuff  while doing it. In fact, I helped my mom create a site for her new business after learning how to set one up in class! Look at me, already using what I’ve learned.

First of all, the site is called Socially Orange, if I haven’t mentioned that before. I think the name is so creative and fun, and definitely easy to remember! One of the girls in class came up with it, and I must say I’m impressed. As of right now we are focusing on getting members involved who are affiliated with the Journalism & Broadcasting (JB) school at Oklahoma State. Eventually we are hoping that it will expand beyond that, but that’s where we’re starting. The main goal of the site is basically to give JB students, prospective students, recent grads, or JB professionals a place to meet up and network. Hopefully it will lead to internships and jobs for students, and possibly stir up some interest in the JB school for future students and employers as well.

As of right now, groups are being created, blogs are being written, and videos are being uploaded pretty often. It’s definitely in the beginning stages, but I’m proud of the little piece of it that I’ve been involved with. We currently have five different groups available to join, and all of the events affiliated with the JB school are posted on the site, so it’s a great place to keep up to date on the school.

If you haven’t been to the site before, check it out by clicking here. Wish us luck!


Barbie Update!

So I just read a very interesting story my boyfriend pointed out to me (so helpful!) about Barbie. Last time I posted about all the designers creating outfits for New York Fashion Week for her 5oth birthday, and quite a few people seemed to find it interesting. One of the things I said in the post was that I realize some people think Barbie portrays a negative image for little girls to grow up with, but I turned out just fine, and I played with my Barbies constantly!


Well, apparently a lawmaker from West Virginia disagrees. Jeff Eldridge proposed a bill on Tuesday that would ban the sale of Barbies in the state. He says he doesn’t like that Barbie portrays the image that if you’re beautiful, you don’t have to be smart. Umm, what? Whenever I played with my Barbies they would be schoolteachers, doctors, whatever random career happened to pop into my head at that moment. I never thought my Barbie was stupid! Sure, some people love to buy into the whole dumb blond stereotype, but I am certainly not one of them! I think I’m pretty intelligent, and I just happen to be a blond myself. So where have we learned that Barbie is not smart? I don’t recall that being her image for the most part.

I just don’t really think this is necessary. Actually, I think it’s a little ridiculous.  There are more important things to worry about. I mean, Barbie has officially been around for 50 years, and I think for the most part we’re doing OK. Yes, there is an obsession in our culture with youth and beauty, but I think that probably  has more to do with our fascination with the unattainable beauty of celebrities than with Barbie.  Anyway, I just thought this was a pretty interesting little story. Just click here if you want to check it out for yourself.


Guest Speaker in Social Media Today!

We had a great guest speaker today in our Social Media class, Mike Koehler of NewsOK/The Oklahoman. It’s always exciting to have guest speakers in class who provide different insights on things that are important to us as public relations/journalism/broadcasting etc. students. His presentation gave me a lot to think about regarding how I personally handle social media. He suggested that when engaging in social media you create your own online identity, and find your niche to focus on. I feel like I’ve done that to some extent, but could definitely improve upon it. I also feel like I should become a little more engaged in social media than I am, but I suppose I’ve come quite a long way in just a short time.

Honestly what I’m learning from every person I’ve heard speak in the last year or so is that social media is the way the world is heading. Mr. Koehler works for a newspaper who has now taken so much of their product online and is really doing some incredible things with it. And nearly every business you can think of is doing the same. Luckily those of us who are younger have grown up with the Internet and worked with computers from the time we were in grade school, so it’s easier for us to adapt to it all. People my parents age have a more difficult time. My dad knows the basics because he worked in a bank until he retired, but he can barely do anything online without asking for my help. I’m sure so many of the older people who are heading companies are hesitant to join the online world, but in reality they really don’t have a choice.

So, as I’ve said a million times before, I couldn’t be more happy that I decided to enroll in this course. I went from not even really knowing what Twitter was less than three months ago, to being “addicted” to it as my boyfriend says, and writing my own blog! I’m really excited to see what else I learn over the remainder of the semester.