Barbie Update!

So I just read a very interesting story my boyfriend pointed out to me (so helpful!) about Barbie. Last time I posted about all the designers creating outfits for New York Fashion Week for her 5oth birthday, and quite a few people seemed to find it interesting. One of the things I said in the post was that I realize some people think Barbie portrays a negative image for little girls to grow up with, but I turned out just fine, and I played with my Barbies constantly!


Well, apparently a lawmaker from West Virginia disagrees. Jeff Eldridge proposed a bill on Tuesday that would ban the sale of Barbies in the state. He says he doesn’t like that Barbie portrays the image that if you’re beautiful, you don’t have to be smart. Umm, what? Whenever I played with my Barbies they would be schoolteachers, doctors, whatever random career happened to pop into my head at that moment. I never thought my Barbie was stupid! Sure, some people love to buy into the whole dumb blond stereotype, but I am certainly not one of them! I think I’m pretty intelligent, and I just happen to be a blond myself. So where have we learned that Barbie is not smart? I don’t recall that being her image for the most part.

I just don’t really think this is necessary. Actually, I think it’s a little ridiculous.  There are more important things to worry about. I mean, Barbie has officially been around for 50 years, and I think for the most part we’re doing OK. Yes, there is an obsession in our culture with youth and beauty, but I think that probably  has more to do with our fascination with the unattainable beauty of celebrities than with Barbie.  Anyway, I just thought this was a pretty interesting little story. Just click here if you want to check it out for yourself.



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