So I missed the Expo….

Today, of all days, I felt absolutely awful. I have no idea why these things happen, but it was completely frustrating because I was all prepared for the JB school’s Networking Expo. Resumes all printed up, outfit picked out, 30 second commercial planned out. Frustrating!

So I’m hoping it went well for everyone who got to attend! I know how important networking is and I feel that I really missed out by not being there. I can only hope we will have another similar event before too long.

I suppose since I missed it, I will just discuss what we learned on Tuesday. First of all, we got a great lesson in how unpredictable technology can be. Trying to get Twitter onto someone’s blog took up most of class, and we never quite figured it out.  I think that’s an important thing to see, because I’m always so concerned about doing everything “right” when it comes to all this social media stuff, and that just goes to show that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Even if you’re a social media professor! We also learned a bit about fixing up our blogs, and I got on here as soon as I got home and started playing around with it. The most exciting thing I discovered was how to upload pictures to my blog. I must say, I think it already looks a ton better!

So, today was not such a successful day for me personally, but I am learning more and more every day when it comes to this wonderful little online life I’m leading now.  Can’t wait to hear how the Expo turned out!



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I am engaged and living in Frisco, TX with my fiance Arsen and our furry child Addie. I currently work in social media, and Arsen works in Finance. I spend my free time fixing up our new house and coming up with random ways to get out my creative energy. I have loved being engaged, but am ready to get the show on the road and be married already! View all posts by celcash

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