My Summer shopping list!

I haven’t been shopping in a couple of months….and by that I mean real, splurge-a-little  shopping. As in when I buy more than just a couple of new shirts. So therefore, I cannot wait until I get the chance (and a little extra money) to do so! I’ve already got a few things on my list of desires.

First up, I really want a Maxi dress, which is one of the flowy, ankle length dresses people were wearing last summer. I went back and forth last year on whether I was too short to pull one off (I wonder that often being 5’2″), but I’ve decided I don’t care! I’m not a huge fan of shorts, and when it’s 100 degrees, as it often is in Oklahoma in the summer, I really hate suffocating in jeans all day. These dresses are adorable and comfy, and I’ve decided as long as I add a pair of wedge heels with it, it should add enough height to make me look alright!


Next, I’m really loving this old-fashioned maillot swimsuit I saw in the January issue of Vogue. I didn’t know the term “maillot” before, but basically it is a one-piece swimsuit with a vintage vibe. Google it and you will find plenty of results.

Another item on my list is a pencil skirt. I’m hoping to find a PR internship for the summer, and a pencil skirt is such a classic, professional look. I’ve tried a few on and have realized that for any girl with hips, you may have to go up a size. I tried on my regular size and it wasn’t happening. They are just so form fitting, but I think that’s basically the appeal. They’re very sexy without looking unprofessional at all. Forever 21 actually had some great ones last time I was there.


Something else I’m planning on getting for my internship is a wrap dress. You really can’t go wrong with these. They are flattering on basically any body type, and so cute while being quite comfortable for a dress at the same time. Also, they rarely go completely out of style, so they’re always pretty easy to find.

I’m also needing a couple new pairs of wedges. It looks like they will be in again for the summer, which I absolutely love! They give me the added height I’m looking for without absolutely killing my feet like stilettos. This summer I plan on buying some in bright colors that I normally haven’t bought before.


So that’s about it! I’m sure over the summer there will be many more things added to the list, but as of now those will be my first purchases of the summer.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!



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One response to “My Summer shopping list!

  • Jessica

    I know how you feel, I haven’t had time to just shop for fun in forever! I just ordered a super cute one piece, and I’m so excited for it, so I definitely think you should try it. I also own one of the Maxi dresses, and I love it. (I’m short, 5’3″ as well.) I can’t remember if its in the movie or the show but SJP in Sex and the City wears won and looks great, and you know how tiny she is!

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