New Social Media Site Coming….

Our Social Media class is soon to begin the process of creating a Web site. The plan for the site is for all those  involved in Journalism and Broadcasting at OSU (or anywhere else I suppose) to have a place to network, lend advice, ask questions, and develop professional relationships. It will be open to current students, alumni, prospective students, and professionals.

I think this is something we JB students at OSU will find quite helpful. If we can get alumni and working professionals involved I think it will be incredibley beneficial to us all. As with all of the social networking sites I am now involved with, such as Twitter and our Social Media Club site, this will be a great place to go with any questions I have as I begin my internship and, soon enough, job searches.  It’s all so overwhelming when you have a million things you need to do and are unsure of where to start, that having a place to run to with all of your questions will be a lifesaver.

I truly hope we can get a lot of professionals and recent grads involved to kind of give us a heads up for what to expect the first couple years after graduation, and also hopefully some advice on how to prepare. I’m really looking forward to the experience, and also interested to see what goes into launching a site.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress!



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I am engaged and living in Frisco, TX with my fiance Arsen and our furry child Addie. I currently work in social media, and Arsen works in Finance. I spend my free time fixing up our new house and coming up with random ways to get out my creative energy. I have loved being engaged, but am ready to get the show on the road and be married already! View all posts by celcash

One response to “New Social Media Site Coming….

  • blondechik8605

    I agree. I am pretty excited about the site. I hope it comes together well and I hope you can easily navigate through it. I would really like to talk to some professionals as well.

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