Barbie might be the luckiest girl EVER.

So my lovely boyfriend pointed out a great story to me the other day about Barbie’s 50th anniversary. Apparently this weekend for New York Fashion Week,  50 fashion designers (we’re talking huge names) will be designing 50 outfits for Barbie  in honor of her 50th birthday.

Life size stand-ins will be modeling creations by designers ranging from Badgley Mischka to Nicole Miller to Vera Wang. I would love to be sitting in on this show. It will be incredible I’m sure.

If you really think about it, Barbie has been at the top of the fashion game forever. She is always trendy and up to the minute, and has the cutest clothes, cars and accessories. Playing with Barbies is probably most little girl’s (and maybe some little boy’s!) first experience with fashion. I know a lot of people have had issues with her possibly leading little girls to view beauty in an unrealistic way, but I don’t care! I had a million Barbies and I’m just fine. If anything I’m just jealous of all her stuff!

I can’t wait to see the photos from the show. I’m sure the clothes are going to be unbelievable, and most likely even start a few new trends. If you have a spare minute check out the Web site It’s actually a really fun site with a lot of interesting things to look at. Barbie even has a blog! Too cute.

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6 responses to “Barbie might be the luckiest girl EVER.

  • Cortney Hicks

    That really is pretty awesome. Maybe it’s too girly or childish, but I think Barbie will always rock. Thanks for the great links!

  • Jessica

    I’m curious to see what the lifesize stand-in’s look like. I’m sure none of them are quite as beautiful as Barbie, because.. well she’s plastic. Do you know if they turn the design’s into clothes for the actual doll?

    • celcash

      I’m not sure if they will be making clothes for the actual doll….it did say that the clothes would be on display at Bloomingdale’s flagship store, but just for display, not for sale.

  • martinareyes86lynn

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am totally with you… Barbie has the life! The cute corvette, the dream house, the hot guy and the clothes! I would love to sit in on the fashion week because you know the clothes are going to be incredible! Barbie… that lucky chica. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • tannerwamsley

    Wow this is really interesting! I like to hear unique stories like this and the links are great! And it is awesome barbie has a blog.

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