Fashion Books To Live By

This past year for Christmas my mother gave me a box set of Nina Garcia’s books The One Hundred and The Little Black Book of Style. These two books were by far my favorite gift I received.  Any woman who is remotely interested in fashion should read these books. They are fun to read, have great illustrations, and honestly have some of the best fashion advice I have heard.

For those who don’t know, Nina Garcia is a judge on Project Runway and has worked for both Elle and Marie Claire (also two of the best magazines out there). She has been in the industry for years, and truly knows her stuff.

The Little Black Book of Style is sort of a guide to finding your own sense of style. It includes advice on the few basics that every woman should own, unique places to find inspiration for your style, such as particular movies or musical artists, and it also includes a guide to dressing for particular occasions (first date, job interview, summer weekend, etc.).  After reading this book I cleaned out my closet (which she suggests) and completely changed the way I shop. I’ve always followed the trends to a certain degree, but one of her suggestions works perfectly for me. It was to follow the trends more so in terms of accessories, and always dress more classically. Perfect!


The One Hundred is a book focusing on the one hundred pieces every woman should own. I loved this book. It includes things ranging from an A-line dress to Converse Sneakers to a sarong. It also includes interesting little details and suggestions on each item.


These two books are truly the best fashion books I have read so far. I have a few others on my list to buy, and can’t wait to read them. And I’m sure I’ll be giving my opinion on those as well. But honestly, any woman looking for a little guidance, or even someone who simply loves fashion, should definitely own these books.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now….until next time!



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