Social Media is taking over my life!

We had a guest speaker today in Social Media class who is a recent OSU grad, and she was speaking to us about the importance of social media in her job, and really in all jobs that any of us PR grads will be working in within the next few years . It really is unreal to me how important it is becoming to be up to date with all of the new technologies and methods of communication that are out there. Every day that I leave class I feel a little overwhelmed by it all, and by how little I know about it. However, I feel like I have such an advantage to be in this class.  So many people out there have no idea about Twitter (I really didn’t just a few weeks ago), or how to create a blog. And hopefully by the time I complete the class I will be comfortable with all of it and a bit ahead of the competition!

I have noticed one thing about all of the new sites I have joined: they are seriously consuming my life! It is so addicting to browse through peoples blogs or search on Twitter or any other sites that we are on. I have to remind myself to take a break from it all to accomplish things for my other classes, because once I am on my laptop, I’m basically on for the next few hours. So I think the important thing for me personally to realize is that although I need to become very comfortable using all of these things, I have other things to focus on as well! It’s just that a whole new world has been opened up to me, and I’m fascinated by it all. Speaking of that, I have some Spanish homework that I need to get to…



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I am engaged and living in Frisco, TX with my fiance Arsen and our furry child Addie. I currently work in social media, and Arsen works in Finance. I spend my free time fixing up our new house and coming up with random ways to get out my creative energy. I have loved being engaged, but am ready to get the show on the road and be married already! View all posts by celcash

One response to “Social Media is taking over my life!

  • Amanda Brown

    oh my gosh! I completely agree!! Actually one of my first blogs pretty much said the same exact thing. I had NO IDEA what in the world Twitter was until Bill mentioned it in class. It’s actually a pretty cool site….now if only i can figure out how to FIND PEOPLE on there!! LOL

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